Angielski Translator 3.2 for Windows 10


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Angielski Translator is one of the most technologically advanced interpreters for the Polish market. Combined with a huge dictionary English-Polish and Polish-English containing 660,000 translations, 140,000 phrases and 3.3 million inflected forms an excellent tool for translation of the text. Angielski Translator includes: - a unique interpretive mechanisms, based on the latest advances in computational linguistics, which allows for faster and more accurate translation - Poland's largest computer dictionary Polish-English and English-Polish translations of 660 thousand, 140 thousand phrases and 3.3 million forms inflection - Features translations of text files, MS Word, websites, and more - allowing speech synthesis to read any text and words from the dictionary - automatic mode - shows the progress of work on the translation - Manual - allows full control of the translated text, while retaining the advantages of automatic translation - Dictionary interpreter displays the date indicated alternative translation of the word or phrase for a comfortable exchange translations - 34 thematic contexts for determining the nature of the text with the ability to select and use a few at a time, - automatic profile selection of the translated text, - resides in the dictionary handy for Preview translations of words in any application - Internet Translator - translator English-speaking websites. Caution! The demo version has a limit to the number of operations, the program can be run 50 times.